Cross Training and Off Season

Fat Bikes

  • Sinnissippi
  • Rockcut
  • Espenscheid

Cross Country Skiing

Skate Skiing

  • Sinnissippi is groomed regularly and well. That said, it is a nine-hole golf course, so the groomed trail isn’t all that long. It ususally takes about 5-9 minutes to ski a lap, depending on how fast you are going.
  • Rock Cut is a wonderful place to ski, but it is groomed for skating very irregularly. When it is groomed, it takes 70-120 minutes to ski the entire system, depending on your speed.
  • McMiller and Nordic Trails in Kettle Moraine South. They are about an hour drive from Rockford and are groomed regularly and well. They are both Wisconsin State Parks, and so there are fees for parking and trail use.

Classical Skiing

  • Aldeen Golf Course will have groomed trails
  • Sinnissippi Golf Course will have groomed trails
  • Rock Cut State Park - Park at either the Lions Club or Hwy. 173 lots. You can’t miss the trails.
  • Blackhawk Spings/Espensheid Forest Preserves - Park at the Perryville Road entrance. Cross the bridge and turn right to get to the trail. At the trail, go left to access the hillier Blackhawk Springs trail network, go straight (under the automobile bridge) to access the more moderate Espensheid trails.
  • Deer Run Forest Preserve - Park at the River Road lot and walk in. Large network of relatively flat trails.
  • Kettle Moraine South - an excellent place to classic ski, all of which will have groomed classic tracks. In addition to McMiller and Nordic Trials, Scuppernong is a classic only area.

Snow Shoeing